Lesson 8: Job Search Toolbox (Employment Portfolio & Resumé)

Job Search Toolbox (Employment Portfolio & Resumé) Lesson Thumbnail


Lesson Objectives
Students will:
  • - Develop the skills to create a comprehensive employment portfolio that showcases relevant qualifications, achievements, and experiences, including a professional resumé, cover letter, and other supporting documents.
  • - Acquire the knowledge and techniques to tailor a professional resumé for specific job opportunities to highlight relevant skills, experiences, and accomplishments effectively.
  • - Develop the skills and strategies to manage personal and professional responsibilities by setting priorities, organizing tasks, and delegating when appropriate.

Core Area of Transition: Workplace Readiness Training

NextUp Essential Skill(s): 
  • - Essential Skill 2: Students will effectively demonstrate their ability to communicate orally and in written form to attain and maintain employment.
  • - Essential Skill 4: Students will exhibit appropriate self-advocacy skills by demonstrating knowledge of themselves and effectively advocating for their needs and rights in various settings.