Lesson 18: Post-Interview Actions

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Lesson Objectives
Students will:
  • - Understand post-interview actions, such as sending a professional thank-you note or email demonstrating gratitude for the opportunity and reinforcing their interest in the position.
  • - Develop the ability to objectively evaluate their interview performance, identify areas for improvement, and implement strategies to improve interview skills for future job opportunities.
  • - Demonstrate an ability to assess personal and employment goals, allowing them to refine their objectives, set realistic expectations, and establish a clear roadmap for success.

Core Areas of Transition: Workplace Readiness Training, Self-Advocacy

NextUp Essential Skill(s): 
  • - Essential Skill 2: Students will effectively demonstrate their ability to communicate orally and in written form to attain and maintain employment.
  • - Essential Skill 4: Students will exhibit appropriate self-advocacy skills by demonstrating knowledge of themselves and effectively advocating for their needs and rights in various settings.